Affiliate Program

Promote an audio tour on your website, via Facebook, Instagram, etc. You will receive 15% commission* from every sale that comes via your link. It works that simple:

Step 1

Register for free as an affiliate on

Step 2

Promote the audio tour with your personal promotion link or embed our widget on your website.

For getting the link, first find a tour you want to promote. In the details view of the tour, click on the share button share in the upper right corner. You will find the link for the selected tour there.

Alternatively, for providing the user a preview of the tour, you can embed our widget on your website. On the share screen, click on embed as a widget and enter the ID of your Digistore24 account so that you receive the commissions.

If you don't care wich tour is purchased, you can also directly link to the guidemate homepage or to a city page. But then add the parameter ?aff=DIGISTORE_ID to the link (replace DIGISTORE_ID with the ID of your Digistore24 account). As an example, you could link to or (if myid is your Digistore24 ID).

Step 3

Your commission will be transferred to your bank account by Digistore24.

If you have any questions, just ask us. We are happy to support you.

Another important note: It is not allowed and also not necessary to use the partner program for tours that you created yourself. You receive the proceeds for your own tours directly from guidemate.

* The commission relates to the base amount (selling price - VAT - fee for the sales platform (Digistore24) = base amount)


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